Volunteer roads

Volunteer roads
Ferreries is a municipality with few economic resources. It has few beaches that bring benefits to the municipal coffers. But instead, it is the municipality with a large number of roads rurals recovered. Why? especially thanks to its people. For many years, we have created teams of volunteers who have recovered and kept clean some of these roads. The work is not done alone, hands and make people to care lovingly missing.

Them and they are the best example of commitment to the people of Ferreries and want to pass on to future generations. We invite you to be part of this chain, if you like, sign up. Among all do great our people.


 Volunteers Cami Reial
Contact entity: Red Cross Ferreries

What they do: clear the way


 Volunteers s'Ermita

Contact: Nini Melia or Xisca Truyol (des Moli)

What they do: liming and general cleaning



-------------------------------------------------- -----
Volunteers Lourdes
Contact: Xec Pallicer (Els Sis S'Enclusa)

What they do: keep clean the road

-------------------------------------------------- ----

Volunteers des Camí d'en Kane
Contact: Biel Janer (Local Agenda 21)

What they do: they claim the reobertura this road for maintenance

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