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Road s'Ermita

S'Ermita is a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin was built in 1954 on top of Sa Rovellada, and which can be reached in half an hour walk from the village of Ferreries.
See the video below:

length of the route
water sources?


20 minutes
from Ferreries

medium difficulty


I unpaved

way to climb

During the climb there are few areas of shades.

At the top

There is an oak.


There is a well.

Natural water.

Another access point s'Ermita:

From the Place Francesc d'Albranca, Avenue Son Morera, near the sports area. Next to the school Castle of Santa Agueda is a signpost pointing to an oak and visible way is flat first and then suddenly up to the summit of the mountain.

 Second access point from the Place Francesc d'Albranca.

 Conditions and benefits

The ascent to the top is smooth and the end is more pronounced.

Climb 180 meters

 Source image: Menorca.es

 Area with a table and stone benches under oak. Photograph: Gonzalo Buenaventura


 The views. S'Ermita viewpoint.

 East View

(1) Elevation Son Arro

(2) above Granada Area

(3) Mountain Ses Fonts Rodones. Massif that forms a plateau interior.

(4) Marine Santa Rita

 View North

 (1) Coastal and elevations Sa Terra Rotja and Ruma. Lands covered by a low vegetation of reeds and wild olive Redolar mixed with farmland and pasture. They are relatively fertile and productive land.

(2) Small valley where one part of the old Camí of Kane

(3) Mountain of S'Enclusa

 Fraga Arguimbau, Pere (text) Alberdi, Carles (illustrations)
 Rutes Naturals de Ferreries. Itineraris i miradors.
[Natural Ferreries routes. Itineraries and viewpoints]
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 Who built it?

Chapel was built by volunteers and paid for with the money of the people of iron. The promoters of the construction of action were young Catholic who was 50 years a powerful association people. Young people each evening, at the end of work amounted to load and build.

 Who cares?

Chapels Menorca
During the first half of the twentieth century (1900-1960) were built shrines practically all the peoples of the island.

If clic here you can see photos of other churches.

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