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Road to ravine of Algendar

The route that we present here is the continuation of the routes of the Camino Real de Ferreries and Pas d'en Revull. This route is also known as the Old Road that leads to Ciutadella. In the video that follows the journey starts when you finish the Camino Real de Ferreries, passes the house is Canalo colony, delves into the gorge d'Algendar, up the Old Road to go to Ciutadella and reaches input of another holiday camp, is Torreto.
From this route you can also link to other to reach the Cave Murada Cave is Càrritx and you can even get to Cala Galdana cross the ravine Algendar, through the source Sa Trencada and power is Desmais.

length of the route
water sources?


45 minutes,
from Es Canaló
to holiday camp 
Es Torretó



Site with different
 types of trees and plants


You can get water
holiday camp Es Canaló

The great importance of a place like this
Algendar Canyon is one of the most important and most famous ravines of Menorca. It has its mouth on the beach of Cala Galdana and we could say that has its source in the Pla Verd Ferreries, a flat site that time the English (XVIII century) was dried as it was an area of ​​marshy waters that had become a place of dangerous infections. Its route is 7 km to Cala Galdana, its vertical walls on each side can reach up to 80 meters high. These towering vertical walls are 2 caves of historical significance as it was possible to find traces of human activity Talayotic period, are Murada cave and cave is Càrritx (discovered in 1995) in which archaeological objects and remains were found human, bones and hair, especially. The great diversity of plant species found, such as white pine, juniper, oak, palm, reed and asparagus among other highlights. The same is true of the wildlife in living mammals like martens and weasels; toad, turtles and terrapins as well as a large number of birds such as the kingfisher, the red kite, the crossbill and many insects such as the Menorcan beetle, dragonfly and many others.

Algendar ravine and popular culture
In an emblematic as it raises some legends, myths and known by the people of Menorca folktales place, one of them is the legend of Sa nuvia d'Algendar that chronicles the adventures of a young peasant girl a night of full moon is kidnapped by a moor who was in love with her. This legend is also known song Sa nuvia Algendar:
 Sa nuvia d'Algendar
avui ella és en terra, -demà serà en mar:
avui menja capons i gallines,
demà menjarà sardines
a la vora de la mar.

Everyone applauded: the Promised li offered a jug of wine.
drink, drink now that you can, said the witch as she was singing:

 Sa nuvia d'Algendar
avui ella és en terra, -demà serà en mar:
avui menja capons i gallines,
demà menjarà sardines
a la vora de la mar.

(the promised Algendar 
is on land today, tomorrow will be in the sea;
Today eat meat chicken,
morning devouring sardines
near the sea)

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