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Pas d'en Revull (step on the way)

Short but intense journey that brings us to the heart of the ravine Algendar ... because just short spans 400 meters long intense ... because soon, excited a pile of visual sensations, auditory and olfactory that moves the spirit and the soul who dares to venture there, it is simply a fabulous mural painting made intense feelings ... as you get to feel the beating heart of this Algendar. Are you ready? ... go!

length of the route
water sources?


-400 m.
-15 minutes,
from Camí Reial of




Site with different types of trees and plants, too large rocks


No well or source

Legend des Pas d'en Revull
Ahead you have told the legend of Es Pas de in Revull, contextualized in the frame, in time and space in Menorca have termed as "time of the Moors' history. A young Moor is astonished of the environment Cala Galdana, Algendar Canyon, you lose both himself and the other colleagues who accompany him on the journey through the Mediterranean sea ... and that the problems begin!

 "This was a time when a ship of pirates took shelter on the beach of Cala Galdana, where the ravine Algendar ends. Here is one of the youngest of those pirates, so beautiful he found that place that followed river Up, up the ravine, as he walked gaping of that marvelous landscape. But, almost without realizing it, he was lost, and when he returned to the beach, the boat was gone, so that moro young had to stay in Menorca. He thought that in those places would be all right, it was a place where there was plenty of fruit and could live bien. He continued up the ravine to reach places Algendar. For those lands found a cave like a tunnel, well covered with brambles, which had two tickets, and he thought he could hide in there and and thought it would be difficult to find him. While there was fruit all went well, but when winter came, things changed and it was difficult to find food when job was done, and he began to starve. Not to die of hunger, thought maybe I could pick an animal to eat. One day a hen in S'Aranjassa missing, another day Algendar missing a rabbit or a sheep, or a goat, even the cat Es Canaló also disappeared. None of those places could disappear explained how their animals. But one afternoon while a rich pork dishes were produced, was occasion for farmers around were in place Es Canaló, encouraged by the conversation went They told everything. So it was thought that someone was a thief. So one night of full moon set off to find out who was stealing their animals. At the least expected time looked like a shadow out of the Penya Fosca (dark rock). Farmers were proposed to follow without fail and they did, but arrived at a certain place they lost sight of him,it was as if the earth itself had eaten. Next afternoon tried again, but the same thing happened, always reads out of sight, only knew that was a moor and Revull had hair (curly). Once, however, it was not enough for the readiness and discovered their hideout, a cave was shaped tunnel had two entrances well covered bush. They set fire to a ticket and waited to come out on the other, and it was like they took. The moor, we know nothing more, but we know that there were passed by the way of the ravine and, since then, he named Pas in Revull (pass Revull) "

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