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Who built s'Ermita?

The promoters of the idea of building s'Ermità was young Catholic Action, which were animated and directed by the Vicar of Ferreries conciliate and Mr. Llorenç Olives. S'Ermita Mariano was built in 1954 in order to record the great devotion that the people of Ferreries felt and professed by the Mother of God.

Catholic Action Association was in the 50s had a lot of vitality in our village.

In the center Jose Maria Asensio. Right, Jose Maria Allés (Furniture Allés) who was in charge of reading a poem.

published by Agustin Pons Marin to old photos of Menorca

How they built the Hermitage?

It was not easy. There were many young people at the end of your workday spent algunes few hours which helped in the construction of the small chapel. All material was uploaded to the spine d'few donkeys, with bast i escorballa was a very expensive work, hard work and sacrifice; but thanks to the enthusiasm of the people, and before long, the chapel was finished brilliantly.

On top of s'Ermità. 1954. Ferreries.

Biel Canaleta in Xec "Curia Blanca" in Damià Canaleta in Bartomeu Florit Huguet, n'Huguet i Juanito Retxilleres.

old photos published in MENORCA

That day was blessed and soon became a popular and religious festival. Virtually all the people went up into the mountain, praying the rosary and singing religious songs and populare. It was a great celebration of pilgrimage as

He never before has been seen in our village.

 1954. Visit S'Ermita. Layeta album. File Parish Ferreries.

Photo shared by Maria Florit Barber in Fets i gent Ferreries

 Source used:

Pons Barber, Juanita and Martí Pons, Victor.

Popular-religioses Tradicions temps d'es Passat.

Impremta Rotger, Ferreries.

The quotations are in blue

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